Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The Human Element in Online Learning

As the nation prepares to meet the threat of COVID-19, we are surrounded by the language of loneliness. We move from “social distancing” to “self-isolation” to even the prospect of avoiding the people we love. At colleges and universities across the country, we are pivoting quickly toward online learning, or as it is often called, distance learning.

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But here’s the secret most educators and students don’t yet know: done right, online education is surprisingly intimate.

That student who’s sitting far enough away in the lecture hall that you can’t quite read her expression amid the proverbial sea of faces? When you call on her in a live Zoom session, she pops up right in front of you, one on one, looking you straight in the eye. There is no back seat in online education -- every student is in the front row.


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