Monday, April 24, 2017

Justin Urbas - Higher Education Goals Can Be Achieved With Help from Professional Consultants

Students who are looking forward to take the next step in their academic careers but not sure of which direction to go towards, can get help from experienced educational consultants. If you are a school graduate who is trying to choose a particular stream, you might face a dilemma about the right choice. Every year, many students, their parents and teachers find it difficult to recommend the right option for their career path. However, educational consultants can assess a student’s abilities and past academic results, to suggest the best options for them.

A higher education consultant also works with various colleges and universities locally, and around the world. They conduct comprehensive assessments of educational standards and consult with authorities to create strategies to improve educational systems. Consultants conduct extensive research and follow data driven approaches to help students and teachers alike.

Hiring the services of a licensed educational consultants can help students excel. Consultants carry several responsibilities including student counseling, assessments of current educational systems, and also working towards improving the interpersonal skills of students, who are aiming for higher education. They also make sure that educational institutions are adhering to the best practices, and also work with school and college boards to improve the curriculum. Reputed educational consultants like Justin Urbas provide their expertise in the educational field to aid students and educational institutions.

Here are some reasons why hiring higher education consultants can be of help -

  1. They suggest the best opportunities for students who are eager to pursue higher education. 
  2. Help students choose the ideal streams and educational courses according to their skills and abilities
  3. Find opportunities for extracurricular activities to enrich the learning experience of the students.
  4. Inform students and their parents about the latest changes in their educational field
  5. Conduct follow ups with students or teaching staff whenever necessary
  6. Provide dedicated efforts to help students maximize their academic talent 

Teachers can work with consultants to improve classroom curriculums, activities, regulate the use of technology and find newer ways to improve the skills of students. This can make a marked difference in the lives of students. Students can gain a better chance of getting admitted to reputed higher education institutions with the help of guidance from higher education consultants.
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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Justin Urbas - When And How To Hire An Independent Educational Consultant

My recent travels, including to the annual conference of the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), have led me again into conversations with members of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and Higher Educational Consultants Association (HECA).  An increasing number of families are looking for consultants to help their children through the college process.  You may, or may not, want to join the crowd.

First, do you really need a consultant?  When I started work in an independent school in Florida, I met with a local consultant who had clients in our school.  I told her that I respected such work, having done some after attending the IECA Summer Institute, been a member of the organization, and become a Certified Educational Planner.  I also told her that if we were doing our jobs in the fine school where I worked, no family in our community needed her services, other than perhaps for standardized test prep or academic tutoring.

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