Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tips from Justin Urbas for raising up a happier and healthier kid

You may have heard of many things for making your kids happier and healthier, but here are some scientific ways to look after them. Know these from Justin Urbas so that raising up child becomes easier.

Pay special attention to kids in adolescence: The adolescence is one of the most critical stages of one’s development. Researches are indicating that maximum number of complexities arise during this phase. If these situations are not handled in right way, the process of growing up for kids can be affected significantly. At this phase, your kids may look like grown ups, but remember they are still at development phase and thus need your help. Also take extra care while communicating with them. You should try to create a friendly relationship with child so that you can stay aware of each and every problem they are encountering.

Support your kids if he or she has behavioral inhibition: The kids with behavioral inhibition are not very uncommon. However, such kids need to be raised up with little more care. Usually, the children with this specific problem suffer from anxiety disorder and sometimes they face problems to adjust with new situations. The researchers consider that kids with behavioral inhibition can get rid of it if they are brought out of the comfort zone. While doing this, make sure you are not forcing kids anyway. As this personality trait is really difficult to change, any wrong step in parenting can cause adverse result.

For effective parenting you do not need to spend 24 hours in a day with your kids. The psychologists say that spending few quality hours with them is enough. But, while doing this, most of the parents make themselves busy in checking the phone or doing tasks like payment of bills. Remember such behavior take toll on children. Thus, whenever you are with them, try to give 100% attention for making stronger bond.


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