Monday, December 12, 2016

Justin Urbas - Was Nov. 8 a massive failure of civics education?

“I hate politics so much.”

That’s what a 10th grader in the Bronx had to say recently while struggling to comprehend the election of Donald Trump as president, articulating the thoughts of many students, especially young people of color, at schools across the country. “Why would you want a racist, sexist man as president?” the student asked, adding, “Minorities have been fighting for our rights for the past 200 years and now all of that is going to waste.”

It is vital that we seize on these moments to teach our young people valuable lessons about government and democracy. As a national nonprofit dedicated to teaching young people to be active citizens, we neither endorse this student’s comments nor suggest that all young people share the same views. Instead, we acknowledge that the presidential election’s aftermath has been emotional for all, creating despair in some parts, ecstasy in others.

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