Thursday, December 8, 2016

Justin Urbas - Are Teachers Playing a Rigged Game?

Teachers in America have a high workload, are expected to transform their students’ lives, and have to navigate a larger—often broken—ecosystem at the same time. In other words, teachers are expected to be superheroes. But is this expectation realistic, or is it setting teachers up for failure?

What’s a superstar teacher?

Calculus is such a hard subject for students to learn, and it’s not one that many are enthusiastic about.

But that obstacle didn’t stop Jaime Escalante, whom the movie Stand and Deliver is based on. In this Edward James Olmos classic, he takes control of a class of dropout-prone students. He keeps them in school and teaches them some of the toughest topics. He takes this class of Hispanic working-class students and gets them to raise their expectations about their capabilities in school.

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